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Before you use any of our offerings, please review the applicable End User License Agreement or Terms of Service.? If you have any questions, please email our sales team or call 1-877-4VMWARE (650-427-5000 outside the U.S.).


For a step-by-step overview of the benchmark review and approval process, please review the VMware Benchmarking Approval Process guide.


On-Premises Software Products

VMware commercial on-premises software products are licensed under the VMware End User License Agreement and VMware Product Guide.


Cloud Service Offerings

VMware commercial cloud and hosted services are provided under the VMware Terms of Service and the VMware Data Processing Addendum, together with the ancillary documents listed on the applicable service offering page.

Third Party Software and Services


Third Party software product licenses and services resold by VMware are provided by the manufacturer under its own end user license agreement and services terms.


vCloud Air

Digital Fuel


Palo Alto Network



Blue Medora